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"Threads" Art Residency Closing Party

  • Farside 600 Gerrard St E Toronto, ON M4M 1Y3 (map)

Farside's Artist In Residence, Daniel Tapper with his installation THREADS, invite you to the closing party, April 30th. Come hear the sound-sculpture, watch videos and more this Sunday at the closing party. Starts at 7pm. Presented by The Ontario Arts Council, FAIR & Sweetgrass Brewery.

"Threads is an installation and instrument designed to encourage collaborative performance. Inspired by mushroom mycelium networks the structure is not inherently musical, encouraging a process of exploration and play to form a myriad of unique and individual performance styles and techniques. Threads combines acoustically produced and digitally processed sounds blurring the line between natural and digital, as the installation grows with additional parts, processing and performer’s - sonic gestures collide creating symbiotic relationships bonding performers and instrument in an immersive web of sound.

The installation uses a combination of DIY instrument building techniques combined with sophisticated digital signal processing and multi-channel speaker diffusion."