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Our Beer


Sweetgrass Golden Ale

4.9% 18 IBU

Soft and elegant noble hop aroma with a light malty nose showing biscuit, lemon and honey. A similarly soothing flavour with gentle sweetness up front reflecting on the bready/fruity nose, and a quick refreshing finish.


Shagbark Export Stout

5.7% 52 IBU

A foreign export-style stout. Bright and refreshing with expected stout notes of chocolate and coffee. The addition of raw hickory ‘honeycomb’ sticks in the brewing process impart woody, earthy notes as well as cola.

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Maple Butter Tart Ale

5% 21 IBU

Deep amber colour with creamy head; forward aromas of maple, butter rum pudding, vanilla, caramel candy with notes of pie crust, toffee molasses and chocolate; dry medium bodied, creamy, well balanced crisp hoppy bitterness.


Our Sweet Story


Sweetgrass believes in quality, flavours, collaboration, community and creativity. It’s why we created an Ontario Craft Beer Company. We strive to combine the things we are passionate about into our beer. Check out "Our Beers" for some tasting notes and if you want to know more about our story and us...